A white night.


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With all strifes

Still strong I stand

My head high

Ready for any storm to face

With no regret after all

Life itself is a challenge

As we all are human

The times of pushing only comes when a need is gone

Yet we surround ourselves with reasons

Maybe it was meant to be

Or am I a chosen one…

Well believe it or not

Choosing or not choosing

Is us who decide where we need to be.

After all we all need a night to enlighten.

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Prayer Poem from a friend…Oooh! The happyness lil things bring about!

I  received this poem  from a friend some time back.  As I went through my collections, it made more sense than it did then; very humbling.  Sad, It seems  I had forgotten some lines in there. So, I decided to  pin it here, and share with my readers. 


“I am so grateful to the Lord,

For allowing us to meet.

You’ve been an encouragement in my life,

A blessing and joy to me.


I pray that you continue to grow in the Lord,

And are filled with more faith every day.

And that you draw nearer and nearer to God,

And you please Him in every way.


I pray that the Lord’s face shines upon you,

As He showers you with mercy and grace.

That He strengthens you daily and lifts you up,

And His promises you embrace.


I pray that the Lord fills up your heart,

With His love for all mankind.

And that your life will be an example,

That brings many souls to the Vine.


I pray that your love may abound more and more,

In wisdom and understanding.

That you are filled with the fruits of His Spirit,

And do all that Lord is commanding.


May all that you do, be done in the Spirit,

And done of a humble mind.

May you exhibit the love of Christ,

Being tender-hearted and kind.


My prayer is to see you strong in the faith,

Suffering for the sake of the Lord.

Knowing those sufferings glorify God,

And please Him so the much more.


Praying you put on the whole armor of God,

That you may withstand in the evil day.

The gospel of peace your feet having shod,

Walking righteously in the way.


Peace be to you, my dear  Norrin,

And love with faith from our Lord.

Grace be with you all of your days,

As you take up the mighty Sword.


Praying for you, my sister in Jesus,

That you endure until the end.

And the words that the Lord will speak to you,

Are “well done my faithful friend”.


Please know my prayers are with you Norrin,

I’m grateful for all you do.

You are my friend, my sister in Christ,

And I really do truly love you!”

A new team, new ideas. Our 2nd Installation


O! how time flies…Proud of you, RCKC!
Thanks for this piece Peter King.

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When the sun sets on Kigali on 19th July 2014 our dear readers, the Rotaract Club of Kigali City (RCKC) will unveil to you all a new President and a new cabinet.

Amon Bater takes oath as the third president of RCKC that evening at Accord Hotel, Kacyiru, having served an entire year as an able deputy to outgoing president Shamillah Ayebazibwe and having showed, in this past year all the qualities that he will need to launch this great club to even greater heights. RCKC will have very many presidents in future, yet upon the first team lies the greatest burden- to keep improving on past achievements.

Rotaractors at the club banner

…..previously on RCKC installations

Rotaractors after induction

…..previously on RCKC installations

The past year has been as great as they come and yet this coming one promises to even be bigger. Guests will be expected from Uganda, Burundi and Kenya in all three ladders…

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A New Uganda


Hilarious but we’ll thought of!
For heaven sake, this anthem sh’d be left alone!!! Some of us identify better with it. But if it really must change, I would vote for a change of flag and national emblem too; on addition to change of national food and language. :-) . So the country embraces change better! Oh! Uganda!!

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When you study the history of Uganda as a country, you will come across a number of interesting changes and transformations that have occurred over the decades. At one point, Uganda as a country did not even exist. The land was occupied by disinterested natives who cared so little about foreigners and their motives no matter how ulterior. Migrations happened here and there, a couple of intermarriages occurred and the entire population became one big happy bowl of confusion. Over the years we have thrived in this confusion and we have embraced our identity as Ugandans. Certain values, norms and practices have become so deeply rooted that it would be unfair and unbecoming of us to attempt to change them.


Just so we are clear, this is the sweatshirt I am wearing right now 

Recently I heard about a proposal to have the National Anthem changed or at least re-worked…

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Q & A: Writing My Heart Away…


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Norryn Busingye is the charter President of the Rotaract Club of Kigali City…

One can read her blog here…

The 411…:Can you give us a picture of yourself?
Writing My Heart Away!: Well, I am a big thinker. I maintain a positive attitude towards whatever happens in my life, despite any circumstances; by associating with uplifting and encouraging people. I like making friends,

The 411…:When did you start blogging?
Writing My Heart Away!: Not very far from now…I actually started in 2012. To be specific, my first post was on February 22nd.

The 411…:Did you have any specific goal in mind when you began blogging?
Writing My Heart Away!: Sure…I the initial idea was actually to write a novel (probably because I had read so many). Then with time, I realized I would probably take a long time to bring together ideas in my mind. So I…

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My Magical moments with Don Moen…Thank you God!

At the beginning of this year, when I told somebody I am believing that 2014 is my year, I hadn’t foreseen anything. But right before the end of 2013, I could always anticipate something about 2014. And surely I can’t say the anticipation has gone in vain, because so much has unfolded so far.
To somebody else reading this, it may probably not make the same sense it does to me, but then again, for purposes of never ever forgetting what this moment felt like, I should keep it this close to me,I mean write it out, pin it somewhere to keep the memory. Because it surely made up a fine piece of my 2014.
At first I thought it was only going to be some time off-work, away from some routine ,but it only turned out much more than that. I didn’t have a very clear plan of how things would go, but I was only sure of one thing…this was the time for me to meet one of my mentors, lets say spiritual mentor this time. Somehow, I couldn’t help my heart beaming with excitement at the mere thought of even a second with Don Moen. God bless the Pearl of Africa for giving me all it took. Today,  when I look back on that very evening, I can only but thank God for the 1st of June 2014…for letting it happen, and for making a dream pass – no wonder I couldn’t find even a few words to describe it all, until now. When a friend asked me how the show was, I only smiled..I couldn’t find the right words to explain the experience, but I hope I got  a couple of them now. (trust me it wasn’t as easy)
For some reason, when having such a powerful moment like that one, I usually chose to close my eyes, but that night I was caught between two choices, to either do my usual or open my eyes wide without blinking so that I don miss any moment. It was such a hard decision to choose on one..Nevertheless, I lived in the moment; switching between them to make sure I don think it was one of those other moments that I pretend to hang with Don, simply because am listening in to the powerful lyrics while  in my house.  I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, that I was actually with Don Moen on the same ground.
As it all started, I chose a spot at the back, not because I thought it could be too safe, too comfortable or I only wanted to isolate myself…no! in this spot, I was sure I could be able to do as I pleased; scream my heart out, jump, or even kneel when I wanted to; and yet keep a very clear view of Don. I wanted to live the moment..to celebrate my presence there. Because I knew there are probably other people who could have failed to make it there like I did. Trust me I didn’t take this for granted that I was there myself.
I had earlier on prayed and hoped that the organizers don’t follow the usual custom of having other artists (that hadn’t been even talked about in any of the ads perform first…’stealing’ our time….Oh!, our money too! Unfortunately, it all seemed like I didn’t pray enough, or maybe God just said No…though I was too bored I even forgot all their names just like I wasn’t around. (Not deliberately). Now these ones tasted my patience to the extreme…by the time Don arrived, I was almost screaming “Our moneyyy!!”. But good thing, when he did, he didn’t waste any time, he probably had heard some of our thoughts loud enough. And then the heavenly moments started.
As if to prove to some of us like myself who actually sometimes could feel like it’s a dream, not any close to reality, he started with one of those songs that u could never mistake. I mean, to me, “Our father, along with his narrations identify only with Don Moen…and at this point I thanked God I didn’t belong to the VIP section who pretended to be so comfortable in their well-arranged seats. Because at this time, all I needed was space, to an extent that I almost ignored my buddies. I seemed to be in another world., just me, Don Moen  and God. (hihiii! I knowww!) Never-mind that i felt like God was there, I am only trying to give you a small picture of what it felt like…or if you are taken up, you can call me up to pray for you. Because I feel like I got a special blessing now!
Looking at Don in stone’s throw away, I could feel like I wanted to stay right there; I could feel my heart skipping all time, with excitement and joy. I needed somebody to keep patting me to remind me that it was all real.  By the time he did the ‘I will sing, and ‘Still’, it felt like I was at the gates of heaven..only literally. Unfortunately, I haven’t found out if it was about my very high expectations that this was to last a lifetime, but when the MC started to announce the few minutes we were left with, it only felt like I had been there for only a few minutes. But I came to terms with reality, after all, Don had said it loud and clear that “God is good…all the time”…it made a good defense for sure.
Time check, 11:00 pm, and the guy was closing off…I had thought it would take up my evening!! It was very sad, just a little though, because at least I had the best of moments as far as my 2014 is concerned.
However brief it was, I would never be more grateful that I was part of the number…I could never have exchanged the time I had there for anything better.
Thank you God!


#BringBackOurGirls – In my mothers’ shoes.

 I can feel their pain

I can feel their pain

Today as usual, I write from my heart, but this time as a woman, a future mother, and therefore as a pillar of my country, Africa and the world in general. Picturing how much my mother labored back in the days, I can only imagine what the parents of the abducted girls go through as days go by and there’s not even a single sign of hope for them to find their daughters. It’s all heart-breaking!  Whenever I think about the tragedy that befell Nigeria weeks ago, figures cease to be ‘just numbers’.  At first thought, it may not ring a bell to somebody, but the reality is that 234 girls (or probably more, who knows?) were abducted from their school as they sat for a Physics exam by the Boko-Horam militants. They kill, kidnap & rape women & believe education is a sin.

They are out there in the wilderness; scared, lonely, traumatized, hungry, screaming for help, and yet their voices have gone unheard since out of ideas on how they can escape their captors…They are traumatized, they must be crying, because I can hear their voices in my head whenever I think of them. I can imagine the darkness that reigns wherever they are being kept, and I can feel their hearts race, just on the thought of how they can escape. Last night was as hard for me to catch some sleep, somehow the thought of them couldn’t allow that for a while.  Unfortunately, I can’t do much about it (practically). But as I labor with the heavy heart that it leaves me with, I will use the most affordable means to make my voice heard. They are not just stolen girls, they are stolen lives, shattered dreams; they are the future of Africa, the limelight of Nigeria.

In my own handwriting, I support the campaign against the abduction. I want to believe that every single girl out there is worth some effort to rescue them.


In my own handwriting

In my own handwriting


Probably, one may think that writing about this will not offer a better solution but at least there is a single soul out there who may not know what exactly is going on or, probably that does not know how they can help out. Plus, it may probably help me out since I have no-one to directly confront about it, or at least convince about my opinion on the case. So, for now, let me stick to my escape route; let me say it loud through an article on my blog. It’s all I can do, on addition to sending in a prayer for these girls, for God to keep them safe and strong.

Back when I was still in school, we were reminded every now and then that “when you educate a man, you educate one person; but when you educate a woman, you raise a nation”. My concern here is not that Nigeria has failed to educate these girls (not like they haven’t failed though); rather, that as a country, Nigeria’s embarrassment has come out loud and clear in their failure to protect or at least to make its citizens reassured of protection; one of the assets any country would ever give to its nationals. More so, the effects of this failure have shown up when the country that it is has also failed to at least protect young girls.

It’s surprising that the US’ former President, Bill Clinton still regrets his inaction back in 1994 as Rwanda was almost swept off the world map in 1994. But because the human race probably didn’t pick enough lessons, it took a while for the international community, African Union, or even the international media to realize that the abducted girls deserved the same attention that they have always given worthless issues.  The attention that the international community along with media gave recent issues like the famous Uganda’s homosexual bill and the likes leaves a lot to wonder why the same wasn’t given to the young girls. Then I suddenly remember that Nigeria doesn’t seem to have the same resources like those other countries, to probably entice their attention! God forbid! The failure of either the international community, United Nations or even the African Union to rescue these girls leaves a lot of room for someone to wonder what would actually be happening now if this same story was a reality somewhere else, and not in Africa (Nigeria) as it happens to be. Of course they have promised to help find the girls, but what if this help takes only so long?? After all, it took more than two weeks for the international media to consider it as an issue worth their attention. And it gets worse when one hears that protest leaders are now being arrested for the cause they are fighting for.

I keep wondering though if the case would be the same supposing one of these girls was a daughter of the ‘big men’ in any of the countries on the globe. But for a minute, let’s not think of who their parents are because that doesn’t matter for now. What really matters is the fact that these girls deserve a right to live, a right to come back to a warm reception by their parents, a right to be loved, and a right to belong to their families. Plus, above all else, they deserve a right to education, just like the rest of us enjoyed that.

Having said all that, I can’t stop thinking of a woman, a mother, and most of all, a mother of the nation pretending to believe that all those mothers crying themselves out day in, day out would be making up such stories, or even working with the so-called Boko Horam. This is all wrong!! They have been hurt enough already. If you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.

But because I can’t have the authority to do more than raise my voice, I will only join in the mass campaign on social media. I will make as much noise as I can about these girls, through the ‘#BringBackOurGirls’ hashtag. I will try to make sure that my voice is loud enough; it’s the best way for now I can contribute to the cause, reaching out to all authorities, all individuals, to do all possible, to secure the lives of the 234 girls. (Did I say 234? Well, it could get worse! Eight more Nigerian girls were kidnapped last evening).If I may say this again and again, what Nigeria needs right now is not financial assistance, it needs a practical solution, it needs a friend. And if all world leaders converged early enough  to offer this, it wouldn’t have got this worse.But then again, its not yet too late, actually if we could have the same campaigns in all African countries before we even make noise to the international community to intervene, probably they would give issues that affect us more attention.

Hoping that it will be helpful enough.  Today it’s Nigeria, tomorrow it could be another country. Who knows? Join the rest of the world to save Nigeria’s innocent souls.