Open Letter To 2020 – New Year Resolutions? Nah!

Dear 2020,

Oh, I heard you are just around the corner. It’s going to be great doing life with you.  I have actually heard a lot about you, nice things. I couldn’t wait to meet you. Matter of fact you have been a talkpoint even at national level in my country, aka Vision 2020. So you know even as a country we have high hopes.

But then, let’s do this. I just grabbed a seat and cup of coffee. Give me a hint.
What’s really special about you?  Why is everyone so psyched about your arrival? Ok. Forget everyone. Let’s deal with me first, why am I psyched? You probably don’t know either. Never mind, am yet to find that out anyways. Like I said, it’s only a few hours to go.

Just so you know though, I don’t know you in person but I actually believe in you. Well I also mostly believe in anyone, atleast until they prove otherwise. But that’s kind of far from the point today. What I actually want to say is that I believe you have been briefed. Or you will probably have a script in your left hand as you drag your luggage in your right. Announcing your arrival. And that script will have everything about me and what you got to do with me during your time with me.Tell me, is that true? Did you cross paths with 2019? Did he fill you in?

Too many questions, huh? Wanna know why?

Because 2019 is in a rush packing a few of his left belongings yet he has left behind a lot of unfinished business. A lot. I don’t blame him, he must have had his hands full. I was on a spree to get so much done before you came around. I almost forgot he could only do a handful. I had so much trust in what he could do. But well, I guess he is only human too. Or something like that.

Don’t get me wrong though. He was great. He brought some amazing stuff with him.  Because of him, I met great humans that turned out to be real friends. With time you will know that’s one of the things that move my heart. So, I hope that even as we get acquainted, you just remember that. He simply made sure that before he leaves, he introduced me to adorable souls. And those have been with me through time. We have journeyed together. On a round table, we all spoke about our dreams, our plans, our fears, and what we must do about those. Because, in his words, everyone got their own.

Oh, he took me places, to almost every place he went to, he took me with him. It was never a dull moment. He showed me around, showed me cool things, amazing souls, a different world. He gave me lessons to take with me, he changed my life.

He often told me about his dreams, his plans for us. He took me on dates, and with me, I carry very fond memories from those. We spoke about my dreams, he saw some of those delicately unfold. You should have seen how he could look on as his face brightened up to my an achievement. He took no credit for any of it, yet it was mostly because he pushed me to do things. But he always said that’s not him, that’s God. Well, see God! Just see God!

He reminded me not to ever give up. Ever. Because some of those dreams had been just that…Dreams. For such a long time. He made sure I get to see some of those. The others are still a work in progress. He mentioned you just may do better than him. Especially when I said I didn’t want him to leave yet. Maybe that was to make me feel better, or maybe he actually knows you better. So i guess that’s the anticipation to meet you in person.

Oh, wait!

That’s not all. On a few of those trips with him, I met a few cold people too. Too cold to life and humanity. I tried to be nice to these too, but it was all in vain. These used to bother me a lot. But not with 2019. He always gave me an assurance. That it’s not really me they are battling. He always reminded me they are actually in a battle with themselves, and that they are not an excuse for me not to live life.

Fight yourself’? Well, I didn’t get it but let’s leave it at that.

Just knowing that it’s their problem kept me going. And that’s when I decided I will ‘Live, Laugh and Love. He most likely told you about that too. Yes, I do lots of that.

He constantly reminded me that life will not always be fair, however much I try to be good. Oh that hit hard! I kinda thought things would change with you. My bad! But that wasn’t all. This one was the icing on the cake. He said, ‘even when you always move out of your way to help people, it’s no guarantee that they will take turns to do the same, let alone appreciate. Well, not all of them, but a good bunch of them.’

‘How?’ , I asked.

He said this with no hesitation. ‘Some will be the ones to stab you right in the back’, and asked that I remember this going forward. Infact, he said sometimes it will be too bad that I will have to think everything twice, just to be sure which part is real and which one is a dream. Is that your version too?

But he also encouraged me, to nevertheless, discover some beauty in everyone. Even the worst. There always is. And to never let the ‘ugly’ in others kill the ‘beauty’ in me. That, I try to take with me wherever I go.

Did he ever tell you how he never left my side when I was  at crossroads of some sorts? And those have been countless times. He was with me the entire time, especially during those times when I had to make decisions. I know you are probably wondering about this. Yes, I actually hate adulting…so many decisions to make. I have often been confused. But I must say, with him, I have made some of the best decisions in my life. I am proud of me, I actually want to thank me for being that awesome.

He said I will meet many more people after I have met you, you probably talked about this. I got excited. He warned me not to. Because not all will be that awesome. I asked for tips; I mean how will I know?  With a soft  pat on my back, he simply said, “Buckle up! The discovery series continues’

Then he turned his face the other way, back against me and blurted these words with utmost care

“Always remember, life is beautiful. Live it in the best way you will know how. But it’s not gonna be as awesome as you may anticipate, atleast not all the time. It’s a rollercoaster. Sometimes it will make you feel like you are at cloud 9, and sometimes it will make you question it, or question God.”.

He also told me the remedy to this is in ‘living life, enjoying the beautiful moments so they hold me together when the storms rage’. But above all, and this is when he turned to face me, ‘not relying on my your own might. But on God’.

With him, every new day featured a discovery series, he always took me to a new adventure. To learn more about him, about others and about myself. I think I know me better now, and I love what I know. Pretty sure you will too. Just get here already! 

By the way I keep wondering what it will be like with you though. Tell me, is it going to be more fun? Did he ever tell you about all the plans we made together? And how much of those we never got to see to the end? Did he also tell you about how much am counting on you to get to the finish line? I hope you have an idea.

Okay, enough of him now. Because we have work to do, infact your honeymoon will probably be the only first day we meet. As we get acquainted. After that, please don’t kill my vibe. That’s all am asking of you.

So anyways, what’s this thing called resolutions? Sorry I didn’t make any. I just need to complete what I started, as I leave room for new ideas. Yeah, there are always those, because I keep dreaming anyways, and the dreams eventually become the targets.Then from there, decide on the next big thing.

So here is the thing. Your job is to do your thing, as I do my mine. And God be for me.

See you in a bit!

His Love Letter to YOU! Part 1

Brook of my life


I know you are struggling with that sin, the one that you’ve hidden from everyone,

that toxic thought you can’t seem to get rid of, that habit that you can’t seem to break,

I know it fills you with so much frustration, guilt & shame.

I know that it makes you feel worthless & undeserving,

The devil even lies to you that I’ll stop loving you because of that.

I know that you also feel that I’ll leave or give up on you because I’m tired of your recurring mistakes,

But my darling child, I want you to know that, nothing in heaven, on earth & all the spaces between will ever stop me from loving you, for I have loved you with an everlasting love.


When I formed you, I knew you,

I knew that you would fall & just how many times you would,

but I’ll…

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New Year Resolutions or Prayer Requests? #My2016

It’s a new year! Oh, yes, 2016 is already a week down. So I am pretty sure many of you have over heard statements wishing you a happy one. So, I will not go into that. But even then, to each one of you that will set your eyes on this article, blessings be upon you in 2016! May the new year be new! To me, 2015 came along with its own style of things, and left me with a long list of lessons learnt; some painful, and some with really good memories attached to them. As a custom towards the close of any year every year, when a friend asked what my new year resolutions were, I told her this time I had mine summarized into just two words,…”BE HAPPY. the rest of them will be prayer requests.”

Sounds kinda achievable right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought too. 🙂

So, for a change I didn’t make any new year resolutions. Not like I haven’t thought of those. I only decided not to. I have actually made a couple of those in the past but I didn’t seem to move my feet even any close to getting them done. Until reality hit that I should instead switch from focusing on “getting them done” to actually “what I need to get them done”. And I will probably leave it at that and just…watch the space.

Now I know for some people it may sound so unreal, but in the space of time, I have seen things getting done long after my own efforts (even as much as I really gave them the best of my all) have given up on me. Oh, yes I have! The same experience  brought me to another level of acknowledging a stronger power that can take care of things as I sit back and swing in my ‘sometimes imaginary rocking chair‘. And the best thing about this power is that everything falls in place in its due time. After all, life is not an emergency…well, because I know some one may want to out-reason me on this, I will add, …in my world. This one is not up for debate my friend.

So, yes, often times we ought to leave the big guy up there (read ‘God’) do his mix, while the rest of us watch and wait. Because nothing beats that at pay-off time.  And that’s  what is up in 2016.

I don’t know about you and your new year, but as for me and #My2016, we ought to do the needful, and then wait as everything takes its place.

Happy new year folks!

About Life and Its Natural Death

Sometimes when I look at life and the transitions I have gone through already, I literally weep for the beloved original little stuff that have faded away completely, along with those that are getting wiped off the scene at ‘lightening speed’. Most of the times I forget that life has more to it than transformations, and in due process, I lose out on some of the meaningful stuff that used to add meaning to life.

At many occasions, I have tried to throw a flashlight to what life actually used to be like before this modernity “madness” was ushered in. If you do the same, you will realize that there was something real about living and life before the era of internet, the fuss of flashy phones,cars,  the computer era and all the likes. Well, many of us prefer to call it ancient or even to make it too ugly; fake, outdated, and all such names, but on second thought, I have come to realize and appreciate  the reality it comes along with. It’s a good thing that I don’t believe in doing something because everyone else is on board.

Think about this. Just before all this craziness jetted in, we had  apps called bonding, family time. Making friends was the real thing;  be it on a  bus travelling somewhere, or on street surrounded by strange faces and family time wasn’t as expensive to afford. Its strange the way all this went with the wind, because lately, everyone seems too busy, being nurtured only by technology and its vices. Some of us have even taken an extra mile of incurring a double fare of a trip simply because while we were lost in the world of browsers, Twitter, Whatsapp and the likes, we have gone past that junction we were supposed to alight or take a turn. It has gone to an extent of e-meetings, erasing even the one opportunity that was left standing for people to physically meet and interact; forums have been created for purposes of business meetings, wedding meetings and anything you could think about. Make no mistake to think that these people probably live in worlds apart and its in the interest of time that they chose the avenues. No! It must be a vice running in all fresh blood in this generation. By the way this doesn’t mean that I stopped valuing time…I do! but not at a cost of certain things that make up real life.

The sad news is that many of us don’t want to merely imagine what life would be like without internet,and we feel totally helpless in such moments as when we cannot access it. We are blinded with all this that we miss out on the real touch of life, all in the name of catching up with the pace of development.We have decided to live life like a set of robots.

That’s the sole reason why in this post, I have chosen to celebrate certain moments. Those moments when I have decided to take on those things as simple as taking a walk along the beautiful streets in Kigali instead of rushing with speedy vehicles like I am about to save a life, sending someone a hand-written letter instead of an email, as well as constantly reminding my poor head that there is more to  life  than solely depending on whether my phone battery is still up and helping or not. And in such moments, life usually regains its meaning.

As I mourn such moments in my other life, I have also mastered the art of mourning by enjoying what remains of them before it all vanishes. After-all, we only live once in this life, so why rush it like I am only taking a look around and I expect to pass-by again?? Or why the loyalty to routine as if I received a manual to how I am supposed to live life? After all, at the end of the day, “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

The Weekend That Was…

Wind blowing heavily,giving way to a gentle breeze,and all leaves dancing along the rhythm,decorating the place with different colors,creating a beautiful scenery,fulfilling to the eye. The way the street lights light up the entire place is just like love itself.

And as we drive through the upcountry highway, James Brown’s “I feel good” is playing along(only in my head, the real playlist was gospel songs that my mind has still failed to recollect ). By this time, it feels like only I, know the awesomeness of the feeling even minutes away from the horrible sight of traffic jam,vehicle emissions and congestion of both humans and  the vehicles bring along…Its like a whole new world. Yeah,that’s the feeling.
And yours truly is just having a blast of the serenity. And all this time, all I am doing is  wonder if this feeling would stay for a while..well, at least in my mind. The gentle breeze during day,and the sounds of birds singing are little things that my congested mind had craved for a while now. To spice it all up is a bunch of all beautiful minds. Some of these fellows,through silence, and others through the rib-cracking ‘noise’ all made my trip worthwhile.

When was the last time you had a minute for such simple things as sun-bathing, lying on your back to gaze at the stars, watch the clouds take their time to move; sometimes forming shape that is familiar to your mind, you know,the things that many of you last did during childhood. Trust me it takes moving one’s feet to the upcountry to enjoy these things;they don’t just happen in our Kigali,or in any city for that matter. And if I must say, those are the little things that decorated my life during the weekend.

I love community work. Nothing is appeasing to the heart as knowing that I have been a part of an activity that left the direct beneficiaries with a smile, the very same reason that keeps me stuck to the noble Rotary family. Most of those smiles cost so dearly, one doesn’t just fake their way to see one. So I spent my entire weekend with a  bunch of cool guys from my church in an outreach mission. The activities stretched from constructing houses at the church grounds in the Eastern province. While everyone worked to the maximum, it was a nice thing watching the boys do their thing, while at the same time boosting their own morale; it was both motivating to them and entertaining to the onlooker. If it wasn’t for this, I don’t think they would have got to the finish line…not like they though so either.

To spice the whole long day up, we all end up treated to a bonfire setting for an evening. Everyone here, none spared ended up lost in a whole world of laughter. And for a difference, we all wake up to a freezing cold early morning, just like in the late nights. You know that kind of freezing that makes you freak out on a morning shower? Yeah,that. But no doubt,someone had to brave through and catch up with the morning service. By the time we winded off the trip, every single soul was moved by the hospitality and nice people around.

And then my conclusion was none other than; because such moments bring back life to me, I should do this more often. But don’t hold me to my word this time. I have said lots of such statements after an awesome time, and then life’s nothings swallow my time up, only to realize after a while. But until then, I will be stuck with this memory.

On God and friends

I usually read like reading your work but if I must say, this another one of the best pieces I have read from you. And the post kinda makes two of us! My very opinion about that too, I couldn’t agree more. Well thought of Kris! Allow me reblog.

Chronicles of a Third World Elite

A few days ago I was having a sort of existential crisis. I had a few things troubling my mind. Nothing particularly bad had happened; it was just a phase I was going through. The people whom I usually talk to when I’m going through these typa moods haven’t been quite available to talk to lately. And besides, I know exactly how they would have tried to reason me: uriko urifyinisha, you should learn to appreciate what you have in your life, blablabla… so I was happy to sulk all by myself.

The moments that I got to reflect on the things that were bothering me had me thinking about the people I have in my life. Those people I decided could be part of it, not those who are tied to it from the beginning of times until forever and ever aka family. I’m talking about my friends.
I’m not…

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A happy New Yeaaaaar – 2015!


Today is a new day! A day that brings us to the beginning of the end of another year’s journey. And to the start of yet a new journey. As I sit beckoning on the ups and downs that 2014 brought my way, I must admit it wasn’t a very easy year for me.  But now that I have only hours to go for this year to come to an end, I can’t sit back and watch them all go by before I mention a thing or two. 2014 has been full of both ups and downs but in the due process, there are no regrets, after all there was no holding back. So, I only thank God that I have made it through alive.

The good thing with life is that it’s what you make it. So I chose to appreciate the nice moments that it left stamped on my life; those took my breath away. If I was to take note of a few highlights, there were some exciting moments for me though  the year, and these kept my spirits at sky level. I have met new amazing people, discovered much more about myself; moved a step closer towards where my eyes are pinnedIf I had my way, I would probably make those stay, or recycle them back through 2015, but I don’t have to, thanks to memory. Because after I have erased all the trash, I am sure those will stay for a life.

And for those that left me a little challenged, trust me as it all went down, I was wondering who keeps moving the end whenever I try to make two ends meet.  I was a little mad at them, because they kept taking me off track my once stated “new year resolutions”. I was so lost with those that I almost forgot to open my eyes to what was available.  But once I started recognizing the open doors they left behind, I appreciated them too. Well, at least for the fact that they showed me how strong I can be. After all, nothing happens without a reason and like I always say to selef, “What won’t kill me will only leave me stronger.”

So believing that nothing I have been through has been put to a waste, I say, Good riddance to those moments in 2014, along with the reasons they showed up. But then again, thanks to them, because they opened my eyes to the reality that there’s more to life than it presents for a single day.

Mark Twain once said that the 2 most important days in one’s life are the day s/he’s born and the day s/he discovered why. In my efforts to find out the why, I found out a few “whatswhoshows and wheres”. 

And the answers were note-worthy. So as for now, I too look up to the tomorrows, holding every moment as it sways by.

And, as I usher in 2015, I will toast to new beginnings, a new me, in a new life with new hopes.

Meanwhile, as I do that, I would like to wish everyone of you a very happy new year of great health and success to you’ll. Thank you for making my 2014 worthwhile, for pushing me on, for being a part of my life then. May 2015 take you’ll to greater heights!

And for my blog readers here, thank you for walking with me through 2014 and all the other past years. Looking forward for better stuff in 2015.


Letter to Heaven ~ You were absolutely the very best.

Dear Dad,

I really don’t remember the last time I wrote you a letter. But at least I am glad that I ever wrote you one, that one that was delivered by Mum from school. I had just started my first year of high school. I was only sure that you loved reading, just like you loved writing, and you loved reading that letter. Frankly, I can’t even remember what I wrote, but am so sure that whatever came in there was straight from a heart that truly loved you.

Oh, how I wish I could trace it!

So, I thought I would write you another one, this time I will send it with the parcel that will go direct to heaven. Unfortunately,  I know you won’t read this, but I have a feeling you will still understand, somehow you will feel the words, you will definitely feel the love.  Well, since  you left, I have grown, we all have grown up.  I lately admire the kind of person I have become, am quite sure you would be more than proud, even if you could probably say it after so long…I still know.

Today is my very first time to do such a thing, write anything about your life (it has not been as easy)  but am only grateful that I braved through. For the past years, I only tried but could never find the words. But I want you to know that just because I didn’t do it earlier, or that I don’t do it so often, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you…No! I do, I even miss you so much, but just that the thought of the plain truth would not let me bear the reality, or even write about it. After this, I will probably write many more of these.

Oh, how time flies! I can’t imagine its 4-years already!! Four years! It only feels like it was yesterday.

I remember everything like it was only yesterday, the days we used to have you with us. Especially the stories at dinner that would be filled with a certain sense of humor. I still remember how you used to pause a little or even give up the story once any of us interrupt you with a question. And the way you would just leave us in suspense until another day. It was not until when we learnt the secret, listening to the end of the story, and then maybe burst out into a heavy laughter later.Surprisingly, it could keep happening, even after we many times of missing out on killer stories.

I still remember how we used to wait on your home-coming every Friday evening, because we could only get to see you during weekends, I would not forget that we could just keep waiting, with all the hope that you would still come home. I mean we had no phones then, but we could still not lose hope that you would not turn up on every other weekend. And you would never disappoint.

I still remember the brief talks we always had before we left for school, each beginning of the academic term, and each of these times, you never really ceased to remind us “never to forget where we come from.” I still hold on to that, because if I forgot where I came from, then I would possibly not figure out where I am heading to either. I still remember those days when I prepared your favorite meals, and your smile before  you said “Thank you”said it all,..Yes, it was that rare. I learnt but a thing from you; to always say what I mean and mean what I say. I still hold on to this, and that you always stayed true to your word. Well, I do too…Thanks to you.

I still remember how you would watch Mum in awe during her regular “drama scenes”…(God I hope she never gets to read this article, in anyway…otherwise it would just turn out just like that little note I wrote during one of the nights I was supposed to be reading my books..But who tells a Primary kid to sit up until 10 pm reading books anyway???)  I still remember the faint smiles that could run  cross your face as you could watch her sway from one place to another, probably talking about something that we did wrong or something that we moved. We could all wonder what would be running through your mind, because you could seldom speak out. Sometimes she could be doing something as simple as supervising us “read”.

I still remember that Christmas day, that seemed so somber for us simply because we slept just a little longer than usual and she was up before any of us. And when you woke up after the drama had started, I still remember you wishing us a Merry Christmas, and Queen asking you if we could really have it “merry” with such morning moods home…As if you could even answer that! You just shook your head silently and moved (probably wondering what had got into Queen’s head this time).

I could write a book, if I was to bring out all the moments, but at this point, I will solicit some help. Sure, I am not the only one who remembers.

Well, I must say, it’s usually a little hard, getting home and the first thought is, I won’t see you; am sure I could share this with somebody else though. There are memories  of you just waiting in your room,and  the thought of not finding you home again still gives me disturbing moments, but grateful for the power to gradually brave through it. There is also that thought that when I bang whatever I get my hands on, that I am disturbing your afternoon nap…thank God the weight of this is fading with time though.

From the life God allowed us share with you, now I know, if I am to honestly ask myself  which people  in my life mean the most to me, I often find that it’s those who, instead of giving so much advice, solutions or cures or even big chunks of money, have chosen rather to share my pain and touch my wounds with a gentle and tender hand. The kind of friends who can be silent with me in a moment of despair or confusion,who can stay in both happy moments and hours of grief,who can face with me the realities of life…the friends who care without a benefit. Those that may not even promise to stay, but I am sure they will,and I count on them whenever. I must thank you for that lesson, because that’s how you did it.

I am sorry for all the times I was a pain but I hope  the good times outweighed the bad tenfold. And I hope you are resting peacefully from all the pain and hurt you were going through the last days I saw you.It was so hard, to see you through it all, yet I could not help a lot. Painful memories…but when I think of the pain you were going through in your last days, I want to think  that it was the best you needed. Just to let you know, in the course of time, when I miss you, I have learnt to let myself cry, cry it off until it feels like ‘better’, and then wipe my eyes and smile over the so many memories with you.

Cancer shows no concern at all for anyone… It’s only up to us to keep those lost to the disease alive in our thoughts and hearts. You were ready to go, the rest of us were simply not ready to let you. But as for now, we refuse to hold on to that, we shall celebrate a full life you lived.

You were without doubt, the absolute best.

May your soul rest in peace forever Dad.


Daughter, Norryn.


What do you stand for?

…Because, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”- Malcom X

If you were to think about a time you took a stand and defended it from all corners, what could it have been? What did you do? I will save you telling the answer, keep it with you.
Now think of that other time that you didn’t take a stand yet you should have. What did you ignore then? Were there any consequences? What did you do about it?

Well, I didn’t mean to fire you with questions today,I didn’t see them coming either. It all started when I was having one of those evenings at my crib, you know? One of those I like to call my “me-time”. They usually teach me a thing or two about me. Many times I have been told by people I associate with that I am principled. At first I thought it was in a way to either an insult or a way to put me down, but later on I started identifying myself with this trait, and eventually, I like what I found out about me.

There are things that simply hold meaning to me and yet to so many other people, they just don’t. Usually, I may tell you a thing or two that I greatly value, that I hold on to like they make up an element of my life. And with these, trust me, I offer my best, and they yield results. Now, even though I wouldn’t blame somebody else for not having a similar opinion towards some things in life, because I mean, it’s not gospel truth that everyone has to. But because I realize that at some point it will help, I would want to challenge you, if you are reading this now….Do you stand for anything in your life? Or do you just fall for anything?

Well, it is also possible that you had never given this a thought and its okay, or maybe you have; but at least the few people I have asked about it seemed like they had never actually thought of it. But I will bring it to you this way;

Think about your life, think about the far you have come; think about where you are now; lets say, try to reflect on your life 10-15 years back and then think about where you see yourself in the next 10 – 15 years. Never mind, , I won’t need the answers after this, you will keep the thoughts with you. For all that time, do you think you have stood for something? So much that you started doing it even within your unconscious self and identified yourself with it so easily? So much that your circle of friends eventually knew about it and couldn’t doubt that it is a part of you? So much that even your family is aware of it?
Or are you the “two-sided-coin” kind of person in that even the closest people in your circles never manage to figure out what you are up to?

Well, if you can defy the odds, will you go through the same steps I went through that day; Think of that one virtue that you have stood for, one that you have not failed, or at least since we are not as perfect, one that you have tried your very best not to fail. If you got one, then by now, you must be in position to identify yourself with it. It must not be an activity, hobby or something you love doing most. It should be a character trait; a virtue,one that you have always considered  to be your strength. The kind of trait that you would literally ‘die’ for; that very attribute that even when circumstances don’t look so friendly, you would choose to go for. It could be Integrity, Service, Kindness, honesty, gratitude; there are many of those.

When you keep the practice of these virtues at the heart of your everyday life, you live with a purpose; You build a “character muscle”, you fill the missing parts of a puzzle in your life, it becomes more fulfilling.

It’s usually not easy that given our human nature, we have something of the sort. But then again, who said that we shall always go for the easy shot? After all, life will never been served on a silver platter. It’s all about what will affect our lives in the years to come. Before you decide on what exactly you chose to stand for, think of whether that same thing will matter in let’s say five or more years ahead of you. If it won’t matter, then it’s not worth even a try. If you think that what you will think, say or do about it  will affect your life, then I must say you got it! Because these are the only things that will speak “Life” into your life.

My old lady is very wise, she usually refers to this statement, as a matter of fact, she asked everyone at home to remember it even after she passes on. >>If you don’t know where you are going, any road is the correct one”<<. Don’t ask me if it was her own composition or she over heard it somewhere, but to me, it “holds water”.

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