You deserve to get a life (“me time”)

Nobody can be strong enough to handle whatever comes in life! Even the ones characterized as strong and brave. There comes a day, a time in your life when you really feel weak, helpless and no matter how hard you try to stay calm and serene, nothing pulls through.

There are times when you feel like letting go of everything and without a care in the world, you just let the winds of time blow you in any direction.

Nobody is perfect! We all know that but we should learn to accept it more often than we do. Sometimes we are misguided into thinking that we can master situations, manage everything, and so we adapt to a ‘ savior complex. Because we believe that we can save people, we give the impression of being the strong one and never accept our weaknesses—that we can’t do everything.

We must stop being the burden bearer or procrastinators because we care too much; a time comes when you lose yourself trying to please every soul you know to the point where you forget that you also are human with feelings, needs and with burdens of your own.

This stops you from living fully. Try for once to express your thoughts and feelings about something; cry, shout and scream if you have to. This won’t make you a quitter, a traitor or a doush bag, it is only human nature.

You know the kind people  always being taken advantage of, sometimes their deeds are taken for granted and the very people they try to help say harsh things about them.

I am not saying that being kind, strong and brave-hearted is bad. I am only saying that you have to accept to live within your limits, otherwise you will crack under the pressure to please everyone.

Get a life, learn more about yourself, feel vulnerable? go on vacation, and travel the world if you can — it’s so normal. Always remind yourself that even heroes do need heroes.


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Strongly believe in the power of words. And once written down, they create a legacy. Living mine!

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