The Power of Decision Making

Ever been there?

Iam talking about one  of those moments that you conflict with yourself , the moment you get an influx of ideas in your mind yet you have to pick on but one. Iam not talking about the moment when you have some external powers limiting you on this. No! This time its just about the  powers within you, whenever this arises, just the fact that the battlefield of the mind is on.

Many  a time, we tend to take it so rough on ourselves that we forget to notice that we still have the powers that mean so much to us. Once these powers are unleashed from us, amazing stuff happens. Now i know you may think this is rocket science or something of the kind, but as a matter of fact, this happens all around the globe.

Whenever such a moment arises to you, remember that decision making is one of those innate powers that we don’t have to search for elsewhere but from right from deep within us.

Don’t rush yourself, don’t force it for its always an automatic move that helps one make such a decision. And once you make it through, its one of the most honest moments to be totally proud of you.

Beware though, to a couple of people, this situation irritates, I mean, why on earth would someone human not be in position to take a decision that affects them? Once this happens, it will only be at the rare end that one can make a decision that affects a big number of people.

As a matter of fact, if u ever want to make it to this point, listen to your heart. Don’t give way to the discouraging voices around you, give it your all. Take the lead, Take control,move out of the comfort zone, and make that decision upright and up-straight because you have all it takes. You will all of a sudden feel you are at the top of the world as your own hero.

I for one, I am working on this currently, and once I make it to the top, I will make no more announcements for the powerful reality.

Good luck as you go your way.


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Strongly believe in the power of words. And once written down, they create a legacy. Living mine!

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