When we show our respect to other living things, they respond with respect for us.

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”
― Albert Einstein

Today was one of those days that I witnessed the gap we have as human beings.Although God tries his best to make us all equal in our different capacities, its so absurd that many of us try our best to exaggerate the gap we have  between us. Young or old, we should all be in position to treat all people as ends in themselves other than means to an end. The good news is that whenever you respect someone, its a sure way to earn the respect that you deserve right back from them. And of course not forgetting that you have  to respect yourself as well.

I for one however have realized that many of us mistake fear for respect. If you cannot respect yourself, trust me on this, You will never get the respect that you claim. So, why not play it the easy way?

I know someone may wonder how i ended up with this today but as i made my movements around the city, I witnessed that we still need a few louder lessons on this. On a sad note, many of us are well convinced that respect goes along with “position” or “authority”. Now this belongs to another world that existed before us. As of this century, we should all know that the best way of getting the well deserved respect is by respecting ourselves and respecting other people.

Where on earth in this century does someone in an office despise a client to the extent of deliberately pushing them out yet they were there only for a sole reason f getting a service? What happened to the Customer Care and Public Relations departments? Do they only bear titles and that’s all?

OK, you think you have understood what I am talking about? Now this is the annoying bit of it. The offender (read the one who failed to respect someone only defends themselves by reminding the offended that they don’t know what they are required of in their responsibility. This should only be a reminder that everyone is a boss in a different way and different area. Therefore, you never know who you will meet at your next step. My urge is that we treat all people just the same way we would want us to be treated so that there are no cases to settle whenever we meet them again. Remember what goes around comes around. It doesn’t cost anything anyway!


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