It’s fate! Don’t try to change it, because you simply wont!!

Today has been one of those days that start and I wasn’t sure of what was going to happen. One of those days that you start and feel like you have no clear sense of direction. (Am actually talking like I am sure it happens to you but surely does it ever occur to you?)

I mean one of the many days that instead of blowing the wind, it wants to take over and blow you to its direction of choice. Well, if you haven’t had any, I had one of those. And am so lucky to say I am almost coming to the end of it. I know you may wonder why am saying so but thing is, am not such a friend to the feeling it comes along with.
I actually can’t guarantee that  am the only one that gets into such scenarios, I just think there is  a living soul that gets such at least once in life. Now, the question still remains, what do you do what such a situation hits you? Its only today that i realized the best cure to this feeling. Just relax, and let the day take its course. Its simply one of those moments in life that you may not have a lot of control over.

And human beings are so good, they always  find a name for something and to this, they called “fate.”. So, just let it be. don’t push, just like it started, it will all come to an end.

So, enjoy the present as u think of how to go about the next future. Don’t try to change it, b’se you simply wont!!