Self Last is the Golden Rule

Best Club to belong to, ever!


“With every act of love you do today, you weave one more golden thread in the blanket that will warm you tomorrow.”

I have a great opportunity to serve humanity and the community as well. The moment I realized  the availability of this opportunity, i never thought twice; I opened up my heart and I am forever grateful for it. As I go through life, I have come to realize that the weight that the ” Self last is the golden rule” slogan carries with it and that being important is not the most important thing.

This, I only realized after a very humble moment, a moment i will hold on to all my life. Its always one thing to have an important issue in one’s life but its another to have a thrilling moment when you do something you hold a passion for.

And it was a Rotaract moment! I had always longed to identify with an intellectual group, to make my voice significant in particular issues, to be recognized, but in a this time in a different perspective. Finally I realized my dream, my steps of chasing significance and selfish importance brought me down to my knees. I had made my life all about me and nothing was working out so well. Life made me realize that its more than just about me, but about Service, contribution and meeting other people’s needs.

Rotaract (or even Rotary in this case) is nothing but meeting people’s needs, those we find to be more needy than we always thought ourselves to be. It is about loving, and stopping to be just at the receiving end and venture the giving end as well. Its about playing the big character, because whoever is attached to it is blessed with a big heart. They visualize their life through the life of others.

The turning point is when one realizes that they can be significant to those that need them and the world by serving them, rather than expecting to receive from them. And once this is realized, everything automatically else does.

So think about; How can you be of Service to your community, your customers, your loved ones, the unloved? How can you be of help to them? How can you reach out to them? Its simple. Look out for a Rotaract Club, join and then be part of the change you want to see in the world.





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Strongly believe in the power of words. And once written down, they create a legacy. Living mine!

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