Enjoy the little things in life, you may realize they are the big things.

Now that my favorite month of the year  is here, O. i love December! It brings about a good feeling all the time.(Thank God i was born in this month, i could never ask for more. Now if u were born in another month, please don’t throw stones at me! 🙂 So,  I simply cant just go without saying anything. Something that has been on my mind since the month started.

Lets talk about being grateful, being happy in all seasons. Keeping a positive mind that even when life has proved to be unfair for a while, because at the end of it all, however dark that tunnel may seem to be, there is going to be a little light at the end of it.

In this life, the human race hasn’t been so unappreciative of the events that fall in place in their life. Almost everyone has forgotten that it doesn’t have to be a very big opportunity or big shot to be thankful. Whenever something doesn’t work out according to our expectations, we tend to blame circumstances, forgetting that through our trial, effort and faith, we can all transcend these circumstances. Now we have got to know that we are far better  than these circumstances so they ought not to break us or even hold us back.

So no matter how many mistakes we make or how many times we get knocked down in life, we ought not to look back at them for so long. Mistakes are life’s way of learning. But they never change the fact that our capacity for occasional blunders is inseparable from our capacity to reach our goals, coz none ever wins them all. So whenever you are faced with an occasional failure, never quit! Simply shake off the blunders you have made, and you will eventually realize that your turn to make things right is around the corner.

Enjoy every single moment of life the way it comes along. Celebrate the achievements and good times, they hold memories that you will cherish in the life to come. And when things don’t seem to flow your way, don’t despair, don’t give up. There is always a way out, sooner or later, you will find a way out of it. And keep whispering to yourself that it has not come to an end yet. Oh yeah! and one more thing, don’t stop to be grateful for everything that comes your way. There is always a reason why things tend to take a particular trend.


Keep a happy and grateful spirit, no matter the look of things
Keep a happy and grateful spirit, no matter the look of things

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