Be yourself, the world worships the original.

Its one thing to be inspired by someone but its another when we tend to imitate someone else, probably because we  think they have been successful, they have done things the right way, or they have made the right choices in life. We tend to overlook the fact that we are two different individuals. Quote me right here, I am not urging you not to learn from someone else or to look up to a successful figure in your circles.No! What I am looking at here is losing your own self and you end up being absorbed by the person you look up to. Don’t look at another person for your direction to your destination, be your own driver. Only make determination, and the willingness to never give up your driving forces. Eventually, you will realize that even the person you admired most looks up to you. We all have strengths and flaws anyway, no one is perfect in all corners.

One American short story Writer, Novelist and Poet; Herman Melville said that “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”. And i concur with him. In this world where everyone has the freedom to be anything, you had better been yourself. There is nothing as as comfortable as wearing your tight fitting shoes.

Every man and woman that has achieved big in this life has just done made special move, they have refused to bow down to the victim-mentality, they have refused to give up on the person in them. They have instead believed in themselves, associated themselves with the positive-minded characters and they in the end were appreciated. So, don’t be let down if people reject you for who you are, its rather better than being praised for who you are not. In any case, someone in an unknown corner for now celebrates the person in you. Afterall, if someone really accepts the person in you, they will always move half way towards being connected to you.

Remember that in so many cases, you may make trials of running away from the real you, just to impress someone else but in the long run, when you fail,there is only that little girl/boy inside of you. Live your life for her/him, and don’t let her down. Eventually, someone will appreciate and admire you for finding the best comfort in your own shoes. Stop blaming yourself for the person God created you to be simply because life hasn’t been fair to you. Let your wings fly, love the person inside of you, only a handful may ever appreciate you anyway. . You will cease to feel small when you act yourself and cease to work towards proving how real you are to the others.

May the world never beat you down, nor leave you for dead. But if by some ill fate it does, dare to look up into the sun for the humanitarian with a real heart who gives you his hand.

Simply chose honesty in everything you do, everyone you relate with, including yourself. Chose to reject rejection and work on improving the person in you. It will help you grow into a better you, not necessarily into someone else. Its better to be rejected for who you are than celebrated for who you are not. Choose to follow your heart and not the crowd, be unique, be simply YOU!

Be yourself
“Imitation is suicide”


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Strongly believe in the power of words. And once written down, they create a legacy. Living mine!

4 thoughts on “Be yourself, the world worships the original.”

  1. In most cases when we copy something from someone,its normally how they succeeded or the positive part of it,and try to fit it in ours. Incase it fails,we try elsewhere.
    Thanks for this Piece,Norryn! Great Work Here!


    1. Sure. I agree with you. my only point is that in the process of copying from someone else one shouldn’t leave their real self to the other party’s identity.Of course this varies with the scenario in question. Thanx for the feedback hun. 🙂


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