Start a “stop doing” list

I must say I am copying this and Start my own ‘Stop doing’ list, right away…too bad I had never given it a thought. Have only always thought of a ‘To do List’! 😦 Thankx Israel!

To Whom It May Concern...

Suppose you woke up tomorrow and received two phone calls. The first phone call tells you that you have inherited $20 million, no strings attached. The second tells you that you have an incurable and terminal disease, and you have no more than 10 years to live. What would you do differently, and, in particular, what would you stop doing?

Do you have a ‘to do’ list? Do you also have a ‘stop doing’ list?

Most of us lead busy but undisciplined lives. We have ever-expanding ‘to do’ lists, trying to build momentum by doing, doing, doing… and doing more. And it rarely works. Those who have been successful, however, made as much use of ‘stop doing’ lists as ‘to do’ lists. They displayed a remarkable discipline to unplug all sorts of extraneous junk.

When I learned this, it became a turning point in my life, and the “stop doing”…

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I urged the Pen to Surge

I urged the pen to surge, spat hope to these pages, lacking the length to cope, forced my being to exist within your thoughts, thoughts guiding me to this corner of memories, where bliss is a kiss served without a miss. I dared the day to alter its course of motions, to less provoke my cold feet.

I wanted to write you a poem about love, but I began kneeling down, looked above with a shady look to book a place on God’s shelves of prayers about your smile.

I wanted to walk with a poem. Maybe giving it to you in hand would give more impact. I’d have written what I fumbled to say.
I saw words unfolding hidden worlds containing such immaculate peace… Maybe I will write that poem in your palm, so it will never be erased.

When I paged through the chapters of life, I wanted to write a poem on a stone about your heart, how it mothers ways, guards evil upon spoken trails, how twisted intentions twist with a great fit to untwist themselves, when you stare without blinking.

I still wanted to write a poem beneath your feet, so you’d feel every word in motion spiking through your bones with sweeter chills, to help you feel the warmth of verses between your toes.

I wanted to write a stanza on your flesh, so you’d hold tight to those words you treasure, to be content without measure, and know how your body is a temple encrypted with a piece written with ease.

How I’ve longed to write a poem between your fingertips, so when we hold hands they may click, with a feeling deep beyond the moon’s eclipse, thus emotions will run wild to fulfil those silent beats.

My hands itch to write you a poem on roses. Picking them will be a journey, for even when they prick, blood will spill for our never-ending path of ordained beginnings.

Then maybe I’d write you a poem about the stars, how they shine when you pass, whispering about you as they shoot, giving you wishes, leaving the moon drunk with fantasies.

Somehow I wanted to write you a letter with a poem inside, be classic with an envelope,write bold with italics, make certain that it is clear to the postman.
Yet along the way I lost every word about you, because you recited this poem for me.


Courtesy of a friend;

Napo Robert Mokoena.





indexSo there’s this cute guy (I know that’s a beginning of good gossip)….well, this one evening around 08:30pm (that’s very late for my mother and she hates it when I travel at night…so hush-hush) I was in a taxi at a stage…bored…with booming music in my headphones (don’t do this at home. Hearing aids will edit your hearing…and some of us are such gossips to miss out on even one word). I had no ounce of interest in everything thing which was going on around me. I continuously rolled my eyes when people bargained with the conductor. Seriously the taxi had spent years waiting for lazy walkers (yawn). I held my temper on a thin leash. Well…that’s when this heaven-sent-cuteness of a guy got on the taxi and sat in the only empty place…next to moi! His hand touched mine….involuntarily. Oh…

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Whenever you have a choice, Be good to Someone.

I don’t like recognition, I like performing behind the scenes and I like leaving unnoticed, especially after I have done well to the world. I always chose the hind seat once I have achieved a target with a team, even if it was a team of two. Because to me, it doesn’t matter an inch whether I have been recognized or not, what matters to me is the result of what has been achieved, especially if it made a soul smile. But not the part of being celebrated.

When it comes to the part of giving, I am glad that it’s not just me emphasizing it. The Bible quotes it too after all,

“But when you give out to the needy, do not let your left hand knows what your right hand is doing so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” – [Mt: 6: 3-4.]

So, I pledge to do good, I don’t like cameras around me, and I probably I don’t even like it when I mention it to the person I did good to,  I am not good at blowing my own trumpet. I always prefer it goes unnoticed because in most cases it comes uncalled for and unplanned.

Don’t try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough.
Arthur Freed 

Aim for the moon; even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

This sounds quiet clear even right at the mention of this title. Its one of the favorite quotes of mine that always pushes me to greater heights.

So sometimes I tend not to mind  how far the first step I have made has taken me, because what really matters is that I am still focused in the same direction. Because once I shoot for the moon, there is nothing to worry about. Even if I am to fail, I eventually fall among the stars.

Its one thing to be determined and I succeed despite the challenges met but it’ s another to know how best these challenges can be met.But when it comes down to this, I chose to dream big.

With all said and done, I came up with a few resolutions;

Determination is the main tool for success, because with this one trait, one can move mountains. So whenever you are to set a goal, set it as high as you can achieve. In any case, if you ever fail to achieve that goal, you will in the due course have achieved something. This is the only drive that can ever lead you to greatness.

O, and one more thing! Now this is one for the road, As you work towards achieving your set goal, surround yourself with the helpful beings. Those with whom you tend to share a common interest, those that respect your values and will at any cost help you on achieving the same, those that are not going to divert your focus from where your eyes are set,; your goal, for their own selfish interests. There are many of these around us but the good news is that you are more focused on where you want to get, so do just that.


Our charter is coming

All reasons for someone to join the circle of the ladies and gentlemen with big hearts!

Rotaract Club of Kigali City

It’s almost a year now, since the formation of the provisional Rotaract Club of Kigali City (RCKC), yet it seems like the club has been around forever. Rotaract is a fairly new concept in District 9150’s Rwanda and growth isn’t exactly sky high, so for us to grow from a first fellowship of 11 members back on 27th July 2012 to some 20 hyper active members would require a knighthood in these parts. We would be called ‘Sir RCKC’ if ever there was such a knighthood for a club.

At RCKC, we have ensured to be relevant in most Rotaract projects. Between organizing the highly successful RYLA Rwanda 2013, visiting hospitals and orphanages, and the upcoming painting of zebra crossings across the city, we have managed to let loose at a beach fellowship which was more remembered as err…ahem, a swallowship and organized some four sleepovers, both formal and informal…

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