Our charter is coming

All reasons for someone to join the circle of the ladies and gentlemen with big hearts!

Rotaract Club Of Kigali City

It’s almost a year now, since the formation of the provisional Rotaract Club of Kigali City (RCKC), yet it seems like the club has been around forever. Rotaract is a fairly new concept in District 9150’s Rwanda and growth isn’t exactly sky high, so for us to grow from a first fellowship of 11 members back on 27th July 2012 to some 20 hyper active members would require a knighthood in these parts. We would be called ‘Sir RCKC’ if ever there was such a knighthood for a club.

At RCKC, we have ensured to be relevant in most Rotaract projects. Between organizing the highly successful RYLA Rwanda 2013, visiting hospitals and orphanages, and the upcoming painting of zebra crossings across the city, we have managed to let loose at a beach fellowship which was more remembered as err…ahem, a swallowship and organized some four sleepovers, both formal and informal…

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