It was a ‘Home-Sweet-Home’ Feeling!

One of those times I wished for something and I had it right before me, I could never be more grateful. Now, for the past two weeks, I had what I have repeatedly called my ‘family month’, not because I have no clue it falls in neither June nor July, or that it actually didn’t even make a month-long but because every minute seemed like worth more than that.

This time, I can only say it came in when most needed, at a time when I really felt like i needed some ‘me-time’ (like I normally love to call it, at Least some time to think through a couple of things and also get some fresh air. Now I can confidently say, you should try it out sometime,it brings out meaning for some things.

My first stop over was my village, where all memories about home came back, refreshed, making me feel like I hadn’t been there in year.(Don’t be deceived, it was only December last year). But i have a reason for this, this is one place where I get to refresh all the innocent childhood memories, the days when my worst day would be a day when i missed breakfast or lunch. O, yeah,plus one more thing, it’s the only place where I get to be pampered and there are no worries of whether it’s a genuine or made-up treat. Like, i receive every treat with widely open hands, and it all spices up the homey-feeling, because I know that it’s from a genuine heart.

Somehow, this kind of thought made me enjoy my stay like never before, because i knew I would never have to defend anything I did or even fear that it would make someone else feel or think anything else than what I intended. In brief, its one place that I always love to act myself, and for that, I have always treasured it. Besides, my dear old mum wears an ‘I-missed-you” smile, even though she would never mention that verbally. :-)this used to kill me softly until i got used she was being herself, and totally nothing behind it.

As an additional spice, I had two beautiful nieces to check out! ooh! these lightened up my world! God, I would never ask for more! As they smiled, I would only send a quick prayer to God to bless their hearts, so they live a full life, and that they would never have to lie, cheat, or steal . Yes, I know you wondering how the combination comes in but this is the root cause of most chaos around.

So, yes, from there i had to head to the long-awaited moment, one of the other things that gets me excited whenever I have some room to talk about, the ‘Rotaract moment!’Its always a great excitement meeting being part of a world of Rotaractors, and this was one of them. Normally, they are people who I look at always consider of high integrity, so it’s always a pleasure being part of this crowd. As for this, I actually managed to make myself new friends from all over East Africa. Yes, that’s how good, of course next time it will be bigger and better. Now, with these ones, I had totally mad fun, because after the ‘had-been long awaited project’, we had one of the crazy nights…just like i had expected. This is the only time I realized that apart from burning calories, dancing  brings about a good heart, because the following day, eeeeish! I was all smiles, despite the fatigue from the long night.

To crown it all, my following week was dubbed with more ‘friends, friends, and family’ moments, trust me to give it such a name, because I happened to meet most of my high school friends,and it was an awesome feeling catching up with them. Now, if anything, these were real friends.

Every minute I spent with any of my friends here counted, because it’s the only reason I feel contented after my stay. It was all worth it, of course it can never be enough. Because day in day out, I was always tempted to push it longer, but hell no! Duty calls!

So, because I couldn’t let go easily, I had to make up one other night of crazy moments and loud music.and this had to be at a spot in one of the favorite places of mine. Courtesy of  the amazing people who made this happen, it was a good way of saying say good-bye. Before I knew it, all i had with me were memories of my stay in the Pearl of Africa as I was on my way  back to the beautiful land of 1000 hills. I never realized the impact of everything until I started my dozing sessions at my desk at work..So, as for now, back to time away brought some magic with it.


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