Rotaract just keeps rolling- R.E.A.C.T 2013

One of those times we go East African!

Rotaract Club Of Kigali City

Ah, this was magic! Rotaractors don’t gather from across East Africa everyday…this one was a year ender, a fitting send off for a year that was full of projects, fun and well- ROTARACT!

On 29th July 2013, all traffic to Masaka, UG was diverted to alternative routes as the Rotaract juggernaut rolled into town. The Rotaract Club of Masaka played host to the first East African Joint Project, hosting Rotaractors from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. The point? One or two schools could use some hand washing training.

No one wants kids to fall ill of things Rotaract can handle so in we strolled with hand washing equipment (stands and containers), hard and liquid soap, enough knowledge and some serious music (the music was for club consumption, don’t be alarmed); but before we could get started, we needed to dress up- we had some sweet t-shirts for emphasis- and while…

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