Celebrate the Hero in you!

We are all heroes, in our own way, it doesn’t matter what the situation is but if you ever manage to come out in good shape, never take that moment for granted. Even when a situation proves too stubborn to clear out, it doesn’t matter, what really matters is the way you come out of  it. So, don’t you ever get wasted because of a season, it’s only a temporary chapter of your life anyway, and eventually you will need to refresh your life. Whenever you allow a particular condition to control you, you block the process of transformation that you are going through for you to make it to a higher level…and chances are after that you will dwell at one step for quite a long time.

Now, all said and done, concentrate more on the person in you. Look out for what actually helps you grow, not what keeps your head down in wonder of how to go about the following step or shame of what the previous step depicted of your personality. Live every moment like no one is promising a chance for tomorrow (or like someone left that main gate open), in other words, be your own hero. You don’t have to wait for someone to bail you out of a scenario, it may never be.Yet, if you manage to pull off the bait, they will draw closer; we’ve seen these things happen.

Whenever a hard-nut situation arises, in most cases, people rarely stand by, we tend to give it up so easily. It’s actually a little ironic, in most cases people who always say “I’m going to be here for you forever” are the ones who tend to walk away first..and then you wonder how long forever just became. At least me and you know (or maybe not) it’s actually easier said than done, because in real sense being there for someone through certain circumstances actually calls for real strength. And only a few strong ones stick through  the end, and those are the ones I am talking about  today. Because , it actually doesn’t matter how the end is like, what really matters are the ‘not-so-easy’ times that you hold on to life, despite the odds, of course  along the sacrifices you made to make it to that point. . And when it appears that you have made it to the end,when you can give it no more, then you will eventually give it up, so that someone else can take over what you started. That’s what heroes do anyways, keep trying at something, give it their all for as long as time still allows. In the due process, even if you never get to achieve your target, at least the next person in the queue will find it easy to continue with the journey.

In any case, the probability that you are going to fail should never deter you from trying anyways, because the most important thing is not actually winning the race, but being a part of it, through it all. Many people have tried and failed, but that’s not the most important bit, the most important thing is that they have helped themselves up and tried for the second and third time. It’s all because of the hero-spirit in them that never gives up, no matter the challenges. Life is not a piece of gold served on a silver plate, so whichever turn you may take, you may just never find enough. It’s only on rare occasions that you may ever achieve something without really having sacrificed another. So, why not be your own hero, so in the end you celebrate how much the step you took meant to you!

You will fall down and you will fail, but those things are just lessons. The only true failure is the failure to keep trying.

Published by Norryn

Strongly believe in the power of words. And once written down, they create a legacy. Living mine!

7 thoughts on “Celebrate the Hero in you!

  1. I must say this has been a very needed message tonight! I read mob stuff, but I love how you write.it is simply natural.may God keep u going!proud of you.


  2. Hihihi…“I’m going to be here for you forever”, and will try not 2b the first wo walk away- depending on the circumstances. We also fear heroes so we tend 2 run away.


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