Through Mistakes, We Turn into Better Designers.


I have always wondered why as human beings, when we hear the word ‘failure’, we normally associate it with only negative attributes. Yes, I agree with the dictionary definition  that failure is ‘the lack of success or the omission of the expected.’ I however  tend to dismiss it from dominating my mind,since  on closer analysis, in most cases what we actually call failure are mere mistakes. You may have setbacks, you may have to start all over again, but that doesn’t guarantee that  you have failed, you can still succeed. That should not divert you from efforts to achieve your goals.  As individuals, whenever we fail, we should  take it as an opportunity to rethink, to reframe the possible avenues of trying again.

Mistakes only mean that an idea or concept has failed, not the applicant. Unfortunately many of us take it the other way round. Failure is human, and we all make mistakes but we should always endeavour not to dwell on them. They should not take control over us, they should only be a platform to help us identify the ideas that didn’t work, so that we can take another chance to come up with even better ones that will work out so well. When we admit our mistakes, it gives us the freedom and space to come up with solutions and ways of doing things better the next time we get an opportunity to.

This means that much as we always associate failure with a lot of negatives, it’s probably not that bad. Because at the end of the day, we are in a better position to learn the difference between failure and making mistakes. When we make mistakes, more often than not, it’s because our ideas and concepts failed. But so what?, as individuals, we only fail when we fail to acknowledge and accept lack of achievement and we give up trying. And any opportunity to try again is an opportunity to turn out bigger and better, so never underestimate it.  Of Course there will always be the negative voice trying to turn it all into a mess, but if only we can all learn to consider the glass as half full instead of half empty. Because even failure doesn’t mean that the whole attempt was totally flawed, it instead could only be a sign of one or more minor miscalculations that could have put us short of success. If we can take it all as an opportunity other than a barrier, we shall realise that once acknowledged, within every failure, are lessons that must be learnt so as to succeed in future attempts at the same or other endeavours. Remember Success is also failure turned inside out., so embrace your mistakes, learn from them and keep going, the next trial will breed better results.    


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