There is always a Payback time!

It’s always a free world, no-one will come up to you straightforward to find out why you decided to do some things in a certain way, or why you should think of reversing and you do those things in another way. But one thing for sure, whatever you do, good or bad, expect a payback time.

This keeps me thinking, if everything you do is actually to be paid back for, why not chose to do good, to everyone apart from no-one, even when you think they are not even close to deserving? Being kind doesn’t cost so much anyway, especially if you are well assured that it will eventually pay off. So, be the best of it you can ever be.

Like i normally like saying,..’there is always a price to pay’. Don’t ask me about the originality of those words but i like carrying them along with me. Because I always believe that what goes around comes around. So, if I am to say it loud today, leave your life as you would like to see it best reflected in case screened on a mirror, or as you would like to watch it, in case it was replayed as you lay on your sick-bed. Don’t believe in the chances that tomorrow offers, live everyday like it’s your last opportunity to show off what you got. At the end of it all, you will inspire someone to move along your footsteps, and whenever you go to sleep, you will enjoy listening to the story of your life.


Fashion Talk: Step with Style and confidence!

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Today i will talk to ladies out there…not because  i am trying to leave out the dear gentlemen out (If you will pardon me)  but simply because I happen to be one of them, so let’s say i am talking out of experience. So, am pretty sure that there is a single soul that we share the same instincts of what I am about to talk about….Shoes, shoes, shoes!!

Have you ever wondered why some ladies feel smart even when their designs of the day do not look as appealing to your eye as you could  expect? Sometimes it wasn’t even  any close to the best option they could make in there. Well, it’s not usually a made-up feeling, the more you have  the best fitting and most comfortable shoes, the more possibility that you will step out with confidence. It will eventually move the onlooker.

And to the ladies, the findings have gone beyond  this. Well i don’t know if this happens to the rest of you but  when one of the blue days come about and you can’t happen to trace a perfect fitting attire for the day, I will only advise as much as I do myself. Close your eyes and pull out the closest you can get your hands on. Then with that, crown it all with the most comfortable pair of shoes you own.  Eventually, it will bring out a perfect feeling for the day, and trust me it all starts from within you.

One thing I should say, never be driven with trends, but instead by your comfort and looks. Many times I have seen fellow ladies struggling on streets like they were on gunpoint as they chose the shoe of the day. The day that started out with a confident feeling automatically turns out wrong once you chose to pick on a trending item before you are sure your fashion instincts can actually bear with what you got on.  I have seen with my own eyes ladies whose faces seem to be pleading for a walking stick simply because their walking shoes make them  look like they are walking on hooks!! If anything, I for one wouldn’t want to be the cause of my own lack of confidence as I walk on street. One of my hilarious friends said they look like they are walking in italics, and I never would blame him!

I am also sure that in almost every lady’s crib, you will most likely find  pile of shoes that are almost no longer useful to them but then again, they always tend to survive whenever they get away with old-fashioned pairs and those they seem to never use. But in due course, we still never use these on a single day. And you wonder where the spirit of replacing them will ever come from if you actually cannot get them off the rack, afterall…they are not being of any help!  A few others tend to seek their comfort  in the fact that they don’t have to walk for long but it all comes back to the same simple advice…”Try and be as comfortable as you can ever be, because it brings out the best of you as you make your hot steps. ”

Now, that I am through with this article, let me rush and look through my wardrobe…so yes, you are not alone. I also got a couple of those pairs.