Sometimes the hardest voice to hear is “The one within”.

If anything is to ever hit you so hard (if it must) so you keep it in good memory, it is the moment you finally realise (d) that the only person whose opinion you have to mind about is YOU! I can’t count how many articles I have written but they eventually ended up in my “Not to Be Published” box. To give you a picture, I even coded this box so that whenever I think of publishing any of these articles, I instead think of the reason it’s coded. (Don’t laugh; they are called “tools of self-control”)….​of course according to my own edition.

I didn’t do this because I never consider the time and effort it costs me, NO! I always put this in mind. It was only because I had kept in good custody a particular voice that occasionally reminded me that what I write is not close to attractive  for their eyes. (They would never be bold enough to say it, but I heard it right whenever they said they don’t believe in writing. )
​Because of that constant voice, in the following years, months, and days, I lived through the same events, writing and immediately saving them under my coded  box. Each morning as I attempted to come up with an article and actually publish it became more terrifying than the previous one.

But if you are currently reading this, then its evidence enough that I surpassed that voice. (Thanks to the tiny still voice, and the article from one, Eric,  I read this morning that gave me a helpful insight for the day).. And if you think just like that same voice, then you could once again be hereby accident.
​ ​
Why am I even talking about this? But I probably should, for future purposes, or maybe for my daily inspiration through life. I try to pick a lesson from everything that happens in my life,I usually I think they all happen for a reason.
​And one thing I know for sure is that is that I learnt something important; to celebrate what I am and have become without necessarily seeking ‘unnecessary’ approval, the same spirit that I would like to share with my readers.

For so many years, I held on for so long, on what people say or think of what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. But guess what? I don’t give a care anymore, I pledged to give this a try, hoping that  it will be worth it. I want to do things for quite some time, without consulting the east, or even the west, not caring if somebody has been hurt in the process or how many I have pleased. (Of course I do mind what hurts people, but for once, lets concentrate on what I am talking about here.)

​ Y​eah, I know, it gets mean some times. But you see, at the end of the day, everyone ought to realize that there comes a point in life when they should neglect all the voices that come from the outside, set your own rhythm and dance along that. After all, nobody will give a damn, though they might just eventually like the result. So the focus here is actually on the tiny voice that is in most cases covered up by the roaring negative voices, and that’s where the secret lies!

Of course at the start you will have a stone or two throw at you, probably judging you, blaming you or​everyone else claiming for their usual ‘selfish’ interests. But just one thing; grab it by your two, step on it, and move on! We all have  moments when such happens in life, but at the end of it all, the only person you will have ​t​o focus on is YOU!

It’s you that will appreciate your efforts, pat your back at the end of the day and say, “Nice try! But to make things better, you don’t have to go that way again”. Remember we were not put in this world to please everyone (not like we can afford the costs anyway). So in the event that you have tried, given it your best, even prayed but situations haven’t changed a bit, SHIFT! Move your focus to something else, and if you can’t find that, at least move it (the focus) to somebody else. That somebody is YOU!

Listen to your heart, and let everyone else listen to theirs too, the tiny voice that comes from within should be the one to keep you going when all else fails. If you don’t do this, at least don’t blame anyone, because as you went through the process of pleasing them all, it was you that failed yourself, not them. They have their own role to play, messing up with whatever you lay your hands on, interrupting whatever you have tried to achieve. they make it a point to focus on your life and how you living it to make sure they identify a fault and use that to ​downplay your own progress, of course, again to their own interests. And they are doing that pretty well; that way they are busy pleasing themselves, so you don’t have to go that way too.

These same people have often misled others even when they are aware there’s no​​t even a light at the end of that tunnel, not because that’s the only available option. But because their attitude towards life is simply that low; messing with others’ affairs.

And remember this, it’s not because their own life is perfect! No, not even close! I call them ‘diminishers!’  No matter how good you are to them, they will still find fault with you; they will still find some reason to  be critical. They derive their happiness from messing up your life meeting their own targets. That’s why I let go of these, along with those who always make it a point to frustrate everything I do, they don’t build, neither do they encourage. And the only mirror they use to look at life is the one which best reflects their interests. So, for once in life, mute their voices in your head, and give way to the tiny voices that has brought you that far.Otherwise, if you let the other voices out-power it, things may simply backfire just like they always have. Just shake it off, be happy and run your race.

After all, there is only little point in trying to play good to EVERYONE!




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Strongly believe in the power of words. And once written down, they create a legacy. Living mine!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes the hardest voice to hear is “The one within”.”

  1. Nice article here and its very true in our everyday lives…….Thanks for this and please just to let you know that its inspiring someone somewhere…….


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