My Magical moments with Don Moen…Thank you God!

At the beginning of this year, when I told somebody I am believing that 2014 is my year, I hadn’t foreseen anything. But right before the end of 2013, I could always anticipate something about 2014. And surely I can’t say the anticipation has gone in vain, because so much has unfolded so far.
To somebody else reading this, it may probably not make the same sense it does to me, but then again, for purposes of never ever forgetting what this moment felt like, I should keep it this close to me,I mean write it out, pin it somewhere to keep the memory. Because it surely made up a fine piece of my 2014.
At first I thought it was only going to be some time off-work, away from some routine ,but it only turned out much more than that. I didn’t have a very clear plan of how things would go, but I was only sure of one thing…this was the time for me to meet one of my mentors, lets say spiritual mentor this time. Somehow, I couldn’t help my heart beaming with excitement at the mere thought of even a second with Don Moen. God bless the Pearl of Africa for giving me all it took. Today,  when I look back on that very evening, I can only but thank God for the 1st of June 2014…for letting it happen, and for making a dream pass – no wonder I couldn’t find even a few words to describe it all, until now. When a friend asked me how the show was, I only smiled..I couldn’t find the right words to explain the experience, but I hope I got  a couple of them now. (trust me it wasn’t as easy).
For some reason, when having such a powerful moment like that one, I usually chose to close my eyes, but that night I was caught between two choices, to either do my usual or open my eyes wide without blinking so that I don miss any moment. It was such a hard decision to choose on one..Nevertheless, I lived in the moment; switching between them to make sure I don think it was one of those other moments that I pretend to hang with Don, simply because am listening in to the powerful lyrics while  in my house.  I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, that I was actually with Don Moen on the same ground.

As it all started, I chose a spot at the back, not because I thought it could be too safe, too comfortable or I only wanted to isolate myself…no! in this spot, I was sure I could be able to do as I pleased; scream my heart out, jump, or even kneel when I wanted to; and yet keep a very clear view of Don. I wanted to live the celebrate my presence there. Because I knew there are probably other people who could have failed to make it there like I did. Trust me I didn’t take this for granted that I was there myself.
I had earlier on prayed and hoped that the organizers don’t follow the usual custom of having other artists (that hadn’t been even talked about in any of the ads perform first…’stealing’ our time….Oh!, our money too! Unfortunately, it all seemed like I didn’t pray enough, or maybe God just said No…though I was too bored I even forgot all their names just like I wasn’t around. (Not deliberately). Now these ones tasted my patience to the extreme…by the time Don arrived, I was almost screaming “Our moneyyy!!”. But good thing, when he did, he didn’t waste any time, he probably had heard some of our thoughts loud enough. And then the heavenly moments started.
As if to prove to some of us like myself who actually sometimes could feel like it’s a dream, not any close to reality, he started with one of those songs that u could never mistake. I mean, to me, “Our father, along with his narrations identify only with Don Moen…and at this point I thanked God I didn’t belong to the VIP section who pretended to be so comfortable in their well-arranged seats. Because at this time, all I needed was space, to an extent that I almost ignored my buddies. I seemed to be in another world., just me, Don Moen  and God. (hihiii! I knowww!) Never-mind that i felt like God was there, I am only trying to give you a small picture of what it felt like…or if you are taken up, you can call me up to pray for you. Because I feel like I got a special blessing now!
Looking at Don in stone’s throw away, I could feel like I wanted to stay right there; I could feel my heart skipping all time, with excitement and joy. I needed somebody to keep patting me to remind me that it was all real.  By the time he did the ‘I will sing, and ‘Still’, it felt like I was at the gates of heaven..only literally. Unfortunately, I haven’t found out if it was about my very high expectations that this was to last a lifetime, but when the MC started to announce the few minutes we were left with, it only felt like I had been there for only a few minutes. But I came to terms with reality, after all, Don had said it loud and clear that “God is good…all the time”…it made a good defense for sure.
Time check, 11:00 pm, and the guy was closing off…I had thought it would take up my evening!! It was very sad, just a little though, because at least I had the best of moments as far as my 2014 is concerned.
However brief it was, I would never be more grateful that I was part of the number…I could never have exchanged the time I had there for anything better.
Thank you God!

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4 thoughts on “My Magical moments with Don Moen…Thank you God!”

  1. It’s great that you cherish such moments…for in the inspiration you shall get to inspire another in the same- maybe even bigger way. Be blessed and long may the blessings continue.

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