The Weekend That Was…

Wind blowing heavily,giving way to a gentle breeze,and all leaves dancing along the rhythm,decorating the place with different colors,creating a beautiful scenery,fulfilling to the eye. The way the street lights light up the entire place is just like love itself.

And as we drive through the upcountry highway, James Brown’s “I feel good” is playing along(only in my head, the real playlist was gospel songs that my mind has still failed to recollect ). By this time, it feels like only I, know the awesomeness of the feeling even minutes away from the horrible sight of traffic jam,vehicle emissions and congestion of both humans and  the vehicles bring along…Its like a whole new world. Yeah,that’s the feeling.
And yours truly is just having a blast of the serenity. And all this time, all I am doing is  wonder if this feeling would stay for a while..well, at least in my mind. The gentle breeze during day,and the sounds of birds singing are little things that my congested mind had craved for a while now. To spice it all up is a bunch of all beautiful minds. Some of these fellows,through silence, and others through the rib-cracking ‘noise’ all made my trip worthwhile.

When was the last time you had a minute for such simple things as sun-bathing, lying on your back to gaze at the stars, watch the clouds take their time to move; sometimes forming shape that is familiar to your mind, you know,the things that many of you last did during childhood. Trust me it takes moving one’s feet to the upcountry to enjoy these things;they don’t just happen in our Kigali,or in any city for that matter. And if I must say, those are the little things that decorated my life during the weekend.

I love community work. Nothing is appeasing to the heart as knowing that I have been a part of an activity that left the direct beneficiaries with a smile, the very same reason that keeps me stuck to the noble Rotary family. Most of those smiles cost so dearly, one doesn’t just fake their way to see one. So I spent my entire weekend with a  bunch of cool guys from my church in an outreach mission. The activities stretched from constructing houses at the church grounds in the Eastern province. While everyone worked to the maximum, it was a nice thing watching the boys do their thing, while at the same time boosting their own morale; it was both motivating to them and entertaining to the onlooker. If it wasn’t for this, I don’t think they would have got to the finish line…not like they though so either.

To spice the whole long day up, we all end up treated to a bonfire setting for an evening. Everyone here, none spared ended up lost in a whole world of laughter. And for a difference, we all wake up to a freezing cold early morning, just like in the late nights. You know that kind of freezing that makes you freak out on a morning shower? Yeah,that. But no doubt,someone had to brave through and catch up with the morning service. By the time we winded off the trip, every single soul was moved by the hospitality and nice people around.

And then my conclusion was none other than; because such moments bring back life to me, I should do this more often. But don’t hold me to my word this time. I have said lots of such statements after an awesome time, and then life’s nothings swallow my time up, only to realize after a while. But until then, I will be stuck with this memory.

Published by Norryn

Strongly believe in the power of words. And once written down, they create a legacy. Living mine!

4 thoughts on “The Weekend That Was…

  1. This is a wonderful article. The description is detailed. I could hear the birds singing as I read. I could feel that skin piercing morning cold itching my skin – your description is detailed enough to enable the reader be part of the story. I believe the writer in you has developed to become a better writer than you were last year. may you continue writing. May you become better.
    …..xoxoxoxoxoxoxox ….. #KK & Tiana ( From the Hills of Kabale – Uganda)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ayayayaya! Ati from the hills of Kabale! Amen and Amen to that! Thanks for reading, glad it sounded real as you read. And thanks a bunch for keeping up with this blog Kazo 🙂 You inspire me to give it one more try.


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