Open Letter To 2020 – New Year Resolutions? Nah!

Dear 2020,

Oh, I heard you are just around the corner. It’s going to be great doing life with you.  I have actually heard a lot about you, nice things. I couldn’t wait to meet you. Matter of fact you have been a talkpoint even at national level in my country, aka Vision 2020. So you know even as a country we have high hopes.

But then, let’s do this. I just grabbed a seat and cup of coffee. Give me a hint.
What’s really special about you?  Why is everyone so psyched about your arrival? Ok. Forget everyone. Let’s deal with me first, why am I psyched? You probably don’t know either. Never mind, am yet to find that out anyways. Like I said, it’s only a few hours to go.

Just so you know though, I don’t know you in person but I actually believe in you. Well I also mostly believe in anyone, atleast until they prove otherwise. But that’s kind of far from the point today. What I actually want to say is that I believe you have been briefed. Or you will probably have a script in your left hand as you drag your luggage in your right. Announcing your arrival. And that script will have everything about me and what you got to do with me during your time with me.Tell me, is that true? Did you cross paths with 2019? Did he fill you in?

Too many questions, huh? Wanna know why?

Because 2019 is in a rush packing a few of his left belongings yet he has left behind a lot of unfinished business. A lot. I don’t blame him, he must have had his hands full. I was on a spree to get so much done before you came around. I almost forgot he could only do a handful. I had so much trust in what he could do. But well, I guess he is only human too. Or something like that.

Don’t get me wrong though. He was great. He brought some amazing stuff with him.  Because of him, I met great humans that turned out to be real friends. With time you will know that’s one of the things that move my heart. So, I hope that even as we get acquainted, you just remember that. He simply made sure that before he leaves, he introduced me to adorable souls. And those have been with me through time. We have journeyed together. On a round table, we all spoke about our dreams, our plans, our fears, and what we must do about those. Because, in his words, everyone got their own.

Oh, he took me places, to almost every place he went to, he took me with him. It was never a dull moment. He showed me around, showed me cool things, amazing souls, a different world. He gave me lessons to take with me, he changed my life.

He often told me about his dreams, his plans for us. He took me on dates, and with me, I carry very fond memories from those. We spoke about my dreams, he saw some of those delicately unfold. You should have seen how he could look on as his face brightened up to my an achievement. He took no credit for any of it, yet it was mostly because he pushed me to do things. But he always said that’s not him, that’s God. Well, see God! Just see God!

He reminded me not to ever give up. Ever. Because some of those dreams had been just that…Dreams. For such a long time. He made sure I get to see some of those. The others are still a work in progress. He mentioned you just may do better than him. Especially when I said I didn’t want him to leave yet. Maybe that was to make me feel better, or maybe he actually knows you better. So i guess that’s the anticipation to meet you in person.

Oh, wait!

That’s not all. On a few of those trips with him, I met a few cold people too. Too cold to life and humanity. I tried to be nice to these too, but it was all in vain. These used to bother me a lot. But not with 2019. He always gave me an assurance. That it’s not really me they are battling. He always reminded me they are actually in a battle with themselves, and that they are not an excuse for me not to live life.

Fight yourself’? Well, I didn’t get it but let’s leave it at that.

Just knowing that it’s their problem kept me going. And that’s when I decided I will ‘Live, Laugh and Love. He most likely told you about that too. Yes, I do lots of that.

He constantly reminded me that life will not always be fair, however much I try to be good. Oh that hit hard! I kinda thought things would change with you. My bad! But that wasn’t all. This one was the icing on the cake. He said, ‘even when you always move out of your way to help people, it’s no guarantee that they will take turns to do the same, let alone appreciate. Well, not all of them, but a good bunch of them.’

‘How?’ , I asked.

He said this with no hesitation. ‘Some will be the ones to stab you right in the back’, and asked that I remember this going forward. Infact, he said sometimes it will be too bad that I will have to think everything twice, just to be sure which part is real and which one is a dream. Is that your version too?

But he also encouraged me, to nevertheless, discover some beauty in everyone. Even the worst. There always is. And to never let the ‘ugly’ in others kill the ‘beauty’ in me. That, I try to take with me wherever I go.

Did he ever tell you how he never left my side when I was  at crossroads of some sorts? And those have been countless times. He was with me the entire time, especially during those times when I had to make decisions. I know you are probably wondering about this. Yes, I actually hate adulting…so many decisions to make. I have often been confused. But I must say, with him, I have made some of the best decisions in my life. I am proud of me, I actually want to thank me for being that awesome.

He said I will meet many more people after I have met you, you probably talked about this. I got excited. He warned me not to. Because not all will be that awesome. I asked for tips; I mean how will I know?  With a soft  pat on my back, he simply said, “Buckle up! The discovery series continues’

Then he turned his face the other way, back against me and blurted these words with utmost care

“Always remember, life is beautiful. Live it in the best way you will know how. But it’s not gonna be as awesome as you may anticipate, atleast not all the time. It’s a rollercoaster. Sometimes it will make you feel like you are at cloud 9, and sometimes it will make you question it, or question God.”.

He also told me the remedy to this is in ‘living life, enjoying the beautiful moments so they hold me together when the storms rage’. But above all, and this is when he turned to face me, ‘not relying on my your own might. But on God’.

With him, every new day featured a discovery series, he always took me to a new adventure. To learn more about him, about others and about myself. I think I know me better now, and I love what I know. Pretty sure you will too. Just get here already! 

By the way I keep wondering what it will be like with you though. Tell me, is it going to be more fun? Did he ever tell you about all the plans we made together? And how much of those we never got to see to the end? Did he also tell you about how much am counting on you to get to the finish line? I hope you have an idea.

Okay, enough of him now. Because we have work to do, infact your honeymoon will probably be the only first day we meet. As we get acquainted. After that, please don’t kill my vibe. That’s all am asking of you.

So anyways, what’s this thing called resolutions? Sorry I didn’t make any. I just need to complete what I started, as I leave room for new ideas. Yeah, there are always those, because I keep dreaming anyways, and the dreams eventually become the targets.Then from there, decide on the next big thing.

So here is the thing. Your job is to do your thing, as I do my mine. And God be for me.

See you in a bit!

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Strongly believe in the power of words. And once written down, they create a legacy. Living mine!

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