Open Letter To 2020 – New Year Resolutions? Nah!

Dear 2020, Oh, I heard you are just around the corner. It’s going to be great doing life with you.  I have actually heard a lot about you, nice things. I couldn’t wait to meet you. Matter of fact you have been a talkpoint even at national level in my country, aka Vision 2020. SoContinue reading “Open Letter To 2020 – New Year Resolutions? Nah!”

New Year Resolutions or Prayer Requests? #My2016

It’s a new year! Oh, yes, 2016 is already a week down. So I am pretty sure many of you have over heard statements wishing you a happy one. So, I will not go into that. But even then, to each one of you that will set your eyes on this article, blessings be uponContinue reading “New Year Resolutions or Prayer Requests? #My2016”

About Life and Its Natural Death

Sometimes when I look at life and the transitions I have gone through already, I literally weep for the beloved original little stuff that have faded away completely, along with those that are getting wiped off the scene at ‘lightening speed’. Most of the times I forget that life has more to it than transformations, and inContinue reading “About Life and Its Natural Death”

The Weekend That Was…

Wind blowing heavily,giving way to a gentle breeze,and all leaves dancing along the rhythm,decorating the place with different colors,creating a beautiful scenery,fulfilling to the eye. The way the street lights light up the entire place is just like love itself. And as we drive through the upcountry highway, James Brown’s “I feel good” is playingContinue reading “The Weekend That Was…”

A happy New Yeaaaaar – 2015!

Today is a new day! A day that brings us to the beginning of the end of another year’s journey. And to the start of yet a new journey. As I sit beckoning on the ups and downs that 2014 brought my way, I must admit it wasn’t a very easy year for me.  But nowContinue reading “A happy New Yeaaaaar – 2015!”

Letter to Heaven ~ You were absolutely the very best.

Dear Dad, I really don’t remember the last time I wrote you a letter. But at least I am glad that I ever wrote you one, that one that was delivered by Mum from school. I had just started my first year of high school. I was only sure that you loved reading, just likeContinue reading “Letter to Heaven ~ You were absolutely the very best.”


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