About Life and Its Natural Death

Sometimes when I look at life and the transitions I have gone through already, I literally weep for the beloved original little stuff that have faded away completely, along with those that are getting wiped off the scene at ‘lightening speed’. Most of the times I forget that life has more to it than transformations, and in due process, I lose out on some of the meaningful stuff that used to add meaning to life.

At many occasions, I have tried to throw a flashlight to what life actually used to be like before this modernity “madness” was ushered in. If you do the same, you will realize that there was something real about living and life before the era of internet, the fuss of flashy phones,cars,  the computer era and all the likes. Well, many of us prefer to call it ancient or even to make it too ugly; fake, outdated, and all such names, but on second thought, I have come to realize and appreciate  the reality it comes along with. It’s a good thing that I don’t believe in doing something because everyone else is on board.

Think about this. Just before all this craziness jetted in, we had  apps called bonding, family time. Making friends was the real thing;  be it on a  bus travelling somewhere, or on street surrounded by strange faces and family time wasn’t as expensive to afford. Its strange the way all this went with the wind, because lately, everyone seems too busy, being nurtured only by technology and its vices. Some of us have even taken an extra mile of incurring a double fare of a trip simply because while we were lost in the world of browsers, Twitter, Whatsapp and the likes, we have gone past that junction we were supposed to alight or take a turn. It has gone to an extent of e-meetings, erasing even the one opportunity that was left standing for people to physically meet and interact; forums have been created for purposes of business meetings, wedding meetings and anything you could think about. Make no mistake to think that these people probably live in worlds apart and its in the interest of time that they chose the avenues. No! It must be a vice running in all fresh blood in this generation. By the way this doesn’t mean that I stopped valuing time…I do! but not at a cost of certain things that make up real life.

The sad news is that many of us don’t want to merely imagine what life would be like without internet,and we feel totally helpless in such moments as when we cannot access it. We are blinded with all this that we miss out on the real touch of life, all in the name of catching up with the pace of development.We have decided to live life like a set of robots.

That’s the sole reason why in this post, I have chosen to celebrate certain moments. Those moments when I have decided to take on those things as simple as taking a walk along the beautiful streets in Kigali instead of rushing with speedy vehicles like I am about to save a life, sending someone a hand-written letter instead of an email, as well as constantly reminding my poor head that there is more to  life  than solely depending on whether my phone battery is still up and helping or not. And in such moments, life usually regains its meaning.

As I mourn such moments in my other life, I have also mastered the art of mourning by enjoying what remains of them before it all vanishes. After-all, we only live once in this life, so why rush it like I am only taking a look around and I expect to pass-by again?? Or why the loyalty to routine as if I received a manual to how I am supposed to live life? After all, at the end of the day, “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”


And finally…to the arrival of 2014!

One of the end of 2013 highlights
One of my ‘end of  2013’ highlights

If I must shout  it out once again, Thank you God, for a new year, 2014! How could I even miss out on writing something about 2014? I was only busy busy but i knew this would eventually show up..So, if you are reading this, then you and I must be the luckiest beings to having made it to January 1,2014.

It wasnt by accident or just by chance, there must be a BiG reason why we made it to the top ~ probably a mission to fulfil and then take off peacefully.  I would never tell what is coming along this year but at every thought of this year, my heart skips a little. It feels like earth is just about to break lose!…O, let me stop this because it is probably keeping you curious..:-) It’s only a feeling.

But at least one thing am certain about, I couldn’t wait to let 2013 go! I only hope it took along with it all the memories i had kept in the trash box..coz I can’t keep them anymore.  It simply took so long! But then again, thanks to everyone else, I got some particular moments that caught my attention. (I will stick to the rule of focusing on good memories and letting go of the ugly ones; so here is a recap)

Of course to many it doesn’t ring a bell, am only glad that I got some of those moments that really meant so much to me for moments to wind up my 2013,but  i gotta hold on to those. First of all, unlike the normal tradition of trekking down to my village for Christmas like the rest of the world, I stayed back to share it with my housemate and some of my colleagues that also  couldn’t leave the country for one reason or another.

This one made my day with endless stories
And trust me, come 25th December 2013, our house was the only place to be!After inviting in a couple of friends, we randomly got ourselves very exciting company..We all watched the night turn around while  pulling all the famous dance moves, eating, drinking and laughing out loud. It was all one big happy family, many thanks to everyone who stormed the house. You made it so hard for me to wake up the following day! But of course being my most favorite day of the year (If it wasn’t for that day, you’d probably never have met me),  I had to step out and check out my long time dream..sharing it with some lovely kids in the outskirts of Kigali. Oooh! it was a lovely afternoon, having to having to play around like it was a replay of  my life’s golden days!  and listening to innocent happy voices for a couple of hours…Sometimes it feels like heaven. 

At the end of the day, I and my travel-mate were completely exhausted..I actually almost dozed off my seat in the bus. So, after such a long day, I was only grateful that nothing kept me back, that i instead kept going with all that I had for a long time wished to do., I felt like it had been a useful journey.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I now thought the last point would be my room, where I would close myself in my little crib, then quietly reminisce about my day, I end up to a house full of strangers. Good thing I wasn’t given time to identify the faces that had showed up or even think of a plan B; either running out of the house for a random destination (I tell you, I would just run for life) or at least throwing them out (after all, that was my home! On addition to interrupting my evening plans ), otherwise,we would have staged a nice play. So, whoever came up with the “shower” idea, the other people must have paid you something!

And to my Judas Iscariot, aka my travel mate, a revenge is still underway! So, ya! that marked the beginning of an end to my favorite day, me and my heart, we say ‘thank you’ to everyone who spared their precious time for the evening! I had never seen my room done any better! :-).

Now instead of  the quiet evening that I had earlier thought of, I was treated to another evening of laughing out loud, more food and more dancing! At least i got to realise I got a team of jolly good fellows…I should say thanks to those guys, for trekking 2013 with me…and for being nice! Don’t exclude selef  in 2014! 

And now 31st December gave me one of those simple joyful ways of ushering in a new year, unexpected, unplanned but it all happened in a very promising mood. Staying with a couple of friends and a cute-looking baby girl (God, thank you for this baby), 2014 knocked our door too, giving a decent send-off of the notorious 2013!

Now this was a big change, I was only used to ushering the new year in church, I had never thought of it otherwise, but I didn’t regret the change tho’! It was another treat to a house full of laughter because of the guys blessed with a sense of humor, we all  started counting down to the end of the year, yet welcoming a new year that so many of us are looking up to.Until  some people couldn’t resist the urge to hunt for fireworks around the streets, it was an amazing time we had! Now, i also had to take off to my next destination! It was all funnn!!! Like one of my resolutions, I will keep sticking to what my heart finds appealing,  Life is short!

After such a beautiful beginning, I will definitely look up to so much more in this year…So help me God! 


For the love of playtime!
God bless the Children!

Celebrate the Hero in you!

We are all heroes, in our own way, it doesn’t matter what the situation is but if you ever manage to come out in good shape, never take that moment for granted. Even when a situation proves too stubborn to clear out, it doesn’t matter, what really matters is the way you come out of  it. So, don’t you ever get wasted because of a season, it’s only a temporary chapter of your life anyway, and eventually you will need to refresh your life. Whenever you allow a particular condition to control you, you block the process of transformation that you are going through for you to make it to a higher level…and chances are after that you will dwell at one step for quite a long time.

Now, all said and done, concentrate more on the person in you. Look out for what actually helps you grow, not what keeps your head down in wonder of how to go about the following step or shame of what the previous step depicted of your personality. Live every moment like no one is promising a chance for tomorrow (or like someone left that main gate open), in other words, be your own hero. You don’t have to wait for someone to bail you out of a scenario, it may never be.Yet, if you manage to pull off the bait, they will draw closer; we’ve seen these things happen.

Whenever a hard-nut situation arises, in most cases, people rarely stand by, we tend to give it up so easily. It’s actually a little ironic, in most cases people who always say “I’m going to be here for you forever” are the ones who tend to walk away first..and then you wonder how long forever just became. At least me and you know (or maybe not) it’s actually easier said than done, because in real sense being there for someone through certain circumstances actually calls for real strength. And only a few strong ones stick through  the end, and those are the ones I am talking about  today. Because , it actually doesn’t matter how the end is like, what really matters are the ‘not-so-easy’ times that you hold on to life, despite the odds, of course  along the sacrifices you made to make it to that point. . And when it appears that you have made it to the end,when you can give it no more, then you will eventually give it up, so that someone else can take over what you started. That’s what heroes do anyways, keep trying at something, give it their all for as long as time still allows. In the due process, even if you never get to achieve your target, at least the next person in the queue will find it easy to continue with the journey.

In any case, the probability that you are going to fail should never deter you from trying anyways, because the most important thing is not actually winning the race, but being a part of it, through it all. Many people have tried and failed, but that’s not the most important bit, the most important thing is that they have helped themselves up and tried for the second and third time. It’s all because of the hero-spirit in them that never gives up, no matter the challenges. Life is not a piece of gold served on a silver plate, so whichever turn you may take, you may just never find enough. It’s only on rare occasions that you may ever achieve something without really having sacrificed another. So, why not be your own hero, so in the end you celebrate how much the step you took meant to you!

You will fall down and you will fail, but those things are just lessons. The only true failure is the failure to keep trying.

Be the type of person you would want to meet!

Its not only about you, we all attract what we are! So, don’t be fully taken up because among your colleagues, X,Y and Z are actually not the kind of people you expected them to be, and don’t even be surprised when they turn out to be something else altogether. Because that’s the human race.You are therefore not even expected to blame them, because either way, all they do is unleash what they have inside of them. And you too are probably not even close to the kind of person they expected you to be.

A point to note here is that the fact that you have personal standards doesn’t mean that everyone will observe them the way you do. It doesn’t even mean that you should expect the same of everyone else around you. So, while you are at the journey of ensuring that you live to your standards, be the very person you would want to meet, at least for as long as you live. This way, you end up reflecting the character and virtues that you most admire in life. And like i said before,  you will exactly attract the same kind of people into your life.

And no-one is going to step over you for this! And you won’t have to go through the burden of wanting to change someone else according to your own perspective. Because you are already there yourself.

Be what you what, what you have always desired, and you will see just that! Life seems easier that way, because you won’t have to expect everyone to surface just the way you want them to be!

No stress!